Prior to 1978, four ASEAN countries comprising Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia met and discussed the formation of a sports body that would govern all sports programmes and activities for school children of the ASEAN countries.

In April 1978, the ASSC was formed during a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. The founding members of the ASSC are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Besides the founding members, the current member countries comprise of Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.


In 2004, the ASSC secretariat was formed. Each member country was to preside over the chairmanship of the Games over a two-year term. It was proposed during the Technical Committee Meeting in Malaysia in 2007 that the ASSC sport calendar activities will be held annually.


In 2008, the ASSC celebrated the 30 Anniversary of the ASEAN Schools Sports Council at the 58 Technical Committee Meeting and 45 Management Committee Meeting in Cebu, Phillipines. The outcome of the meeting in Cebu heralded a new chapter in the ASSC events whereby all twelve sports in its calendar were merged on a carnival basis known as the ASEAN SCHOOLS GAMES. This decision was the manifestasion of rigorous discussion over two Technical Committee Meetings held in Singapore from 18-21 June 2007 and in Malaysia from 4-7 December 2007.

Member countries take turns to host the annual ASG event. The first ASG was hosted by Thailand in 2009, with participation from 5 member countries.